Cayman Diaries: Winter update

The Cayman has been out and about quite a bit over the winter period and I’m pleased to say it is still behaving flawlessly (touching lots of wood!). However, it is definitely not friends in the ice and snow. Last Monday and Tuesday were really bad here with a good few inches of the fluffy stuff on the floor, and the estate not being gritted I decided to work from home and leave the Cayman to sleep, rounding up a full week of non-usage.

I have to admit, that getting back in after a week away rekindles the sports-car magic, and I can understand why some people prefer to keep their motors as weekend-only fun toys.

Here are a few pictures of my beastie in the snow.

Snowed in!
Snowed in!
Snowed in!
Snowed in!

On a recent visit to my flat I mistakenly parked in my car on the drive, which is on a slight decline….

Cayman in snow
Cayman in snow

2 hours later, upon leaving the Cayman decided that it wanted to stay where it was, and went absolutely nowhere. It just couldn’t get out of the fresh crunchy snow – the wheels just grinding it down to the ice below. So, shovel out and resigned to the fact that I’d be doing some digging…. clearing the entire courtyard (not a castle by the way  – its just a “court” street!!). Half an hour late for my appointment that evening. Whoops.

Being winter, there isn’t really much else to report – with both me and my other half hibernating like most of the population until the weather gets nicer. As soon as it does, we’ll be off on weekend trips in the car. So…no nice photos yet. Fingers crossed, I might get over the channel tunnel this year, and maybe brave some left-hand driving. Maybe.

Options List
Having owned the car now for 6 months, I thought I’d list a few of the options which are either on this car, or were on my old Boxster and decide if I’ve missed having them or not. So without further a-do, here is a list for your reading pleasure!

Heated Seats. I had these on the Boxster, but the drivers didn’t work and I didn’t care really. However – I’ve also got them on the Cayman and Lordie they are awesome!!! They also double up as a back-soother after a tough session at Tae Kwon Do, helping to sooth my lower back until I get home for a shower. I use them all the time. Would definitely spec them in another car with leather seats. Almost compulsory now!

Climate Control. This was in the Boxster, not in the Cayman, and I’ve not missed it at all. The Cayman has air-con which is plenty. With the climate control, I found I used the fan-speed buttons all the time anyway, so climate never really worked as it’s supposed to (I always found the fans were on too high). I wouldn’t spec this again in a car, if it had standard air-con.

Bose. Tough one this. Its in the Cayman, the Boxster had Sound+ . I think it’s growing on me – you can have it on Volume 1 and still hear it around town-driving, so perhaps good testament to its clarity. However, I don’t think it’s worth the money. Other than snobbery (and the fact that I’ve had it now and anything less would feel like a downgrade), I don’t think I’d part with the cash on a new-build. But I AM really pleased its on my car!

A convertible roof. In the past 6 months, I haven’t had a day yet where I’ve missed the convertibleness. Probably due to the weather being very damp and cold. This feeling could well change at the first sign of a nice day!

Next Up:
1) Wheels. I still fancy the Cayman 18s, but still really like my 17s, so I’m torn. Although my 17s do have big tyre walls, the design looks good on the car. I’m going to wait until I see some bargain ones before parting with my cash. Recession and all that.

2) A Good clean. A professional detail is planned for summer, to keep my paint looking oh-so-shiny! As it happens he now only lives a few miles from me, so that is good news indeed.