The 911 Years: Top ups and Top Tips…

Its been a while since I posted anything about the 911, with winter being relatively hum-drum and uneventful, although there is an update on the Hard Top fitting.

The 996 hardtop (which i purchased) will fit the 997, but you need the older fixing kit to be installed in the car. Unfortunately, these are on back order with Porsche for an unspecified period of time. The kit was still no where in sight by March, several months after they were ordered, so I cancelled the order as the roof would have been coming off anyway. I’ve still got the hard-top and might try again in the winter to see if they are available.

Recently though I have been using the 911 most days as I can’t get new Evoque’s keys out of the clutched hands of one very happy – and very protective – Mrs Paul O. It was during this use that I noticed I needed some oil, which having now covered around 4,000 miles since I have owned it the computer reading on startup showing that it had reduced below an acceptable level. Cue a call to the legendary Revolution Russ to top up my car with oil – and me with tea.

As mentioned before, I’ve bought a baby seat for the car (Maxi Cosi Tobi) and had read that you can gain more space by removing the leather seats from the rears (leaving only carpet, much like in a Boxster). I asked Russ about this and Gareth (co-owner of Revolution) texted me with instructions on how to do it. As I still hadn’t got around to doing it (and truth be told – DIY is far, far, far removed from any of my worldly strengths), I asked Russ and his mechanic Scott if they wouldn’t mind whilst I was there…

Thirty minutes later and my car was topped up with oil, with back seats removed. Tea and conversation was supplied compliemntary – as was a bag of sweets to keep me entertained, because I am like a child and sweets make me happy.

The cost? Tea… nothing. Sweets… nothing. back seat removal? Zero. In fact, my only bill was for the oil which was also excellent value.

Babyseat Foibles
So, backseats out and all the way home I’m imagining the newly found acreage in the back of my car. So imagine my dismay when I got home to find that for my particular baby seat, removing the backseats is the worst thing you can do, and it doesn’t actually fit with the backs out!! This is because the Cabriolet has the rollover hoop bar behind the rear seats, which protrudes outwards when the seat backs are taken away.

A rather embarssing call went through to Russ again asking if they’d mind putting them back in for me. I dropped the car off the next day, and Scott worked his magic.

Russ also brought his own official Porsche babyseat to show me the difference between aftermarket, and the pukka jobs. Lesson learned.. I now have bought the official Porsche seat! And here is my wonderful little lady testing the seat, ready for a ride! 🙂

Isabelle in Porsche baby seat

Isabelle in Porsche baby seat

It’s really hard to knock Revolution Porsche and it definately pays to get to know your mechanics and strike up a good working relationship. Revolution are based very close to my workplace and as the 911 is now out of warranty, I’ll be continuing to use them! 🙂

Thanks again to Russ, Gareth and Scott. Stirling job as usual!!