The “To-Do” List

I’m sure many car nuts have a to-do list, a list of cars they’d like to own at some point in their lives. There have been several on my list of  “cars that I must own” and I’ve now got just a couple left. There are some newer cars which I quite fancy, but this first list is my definitive selection of cars that I have always wanted….

Red Toyota MR2 The car that I always wanted from being but a small boy was the Toyota MR2. When the MK2 edition came out, I resigned myself to the fact that I had to have one at some point in my life. I achieved the dream in 2002 and it didn’t disappoint. It was a Rev3 with a sportier rear end, t-top roof and leather interior. In bright red, it was every inch the sports car I hoped it would be.
Boxster After that, my plan was a Boxster, which I purchased in 2005. The introduction to semi-convertible in the MR2 meant I had to go the whole hog and experience the full monty. I’d recommend anyone do the same.
Red Porsche Cayman The Cayman entered my to-do list not longer after its launch. I liked the shape and as soon as they brought out the 2.7 model I wanted one. I bought this in 2008.
Ferrari F355 Next up on the To-do list is a Ferrari in some guise. I’m not too picky. Either a 348, F355 or 360 will do me nicely thanks. They all look awesome in their own right.

The 348 has got a chequered reputation for both performance and reliability but they are well within the realms of initial purchase affordability. However, I have my doubts on how liveable an 80’s supercar would be in the modern traffic congested, pothole ridden, speed bump obsessed land that is Great Britain. I sat in one a few years ago and quickly realised that one would need knees and thighs of steel to move the clutch! But it would be a Fez in the garage, hey!

The F355 is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of Ferrari – and indeed all automotive – design. It looks exactly as a sports car should and doubtless will ever be bettered. This is largely reflected in the price of these cars, which now cost the same to buy as the 360. So, an expensive car with 90’s driveability then. Not one that you could enjoy on a commute without the AA card being close at hand.

That leaves the 360. A great modern Ferrari which could be used a lot more frequently than the other two – and in all weather. It could be left outside sometimes – even if it rained! The is the most tempting of them all, as I’m not very content with unreliable cars – they make me mad. I am also lazy, and the F1 gearbox looks appealing. The shape has a question mark in my mind, but its a modern Ferrari and it does look more up to date than the others. A further caution is that its almost as wide as a garage door, so success on keeping it hid away might be thwarted by its size.

Anyhow – One of those will satisfy the Ferrari craving, and it needs to happen in the next 5 years. I refuse to approach the mid-life crisis age with a Ferrari in the garage! Its just too stereotypical! Note to self: Work harder then. 🙂

Escort Cosworth The final car on my to-do list for now is the iconic Ford Escort RS Cosworth. “Cossie” for short. In red. This has been a desire twinned with the MR2 since my teen years and I still want one now as much as I did back then. Those phat wings and enormous spoiler had me hankering since day one. However, they are approaching 20 years old now and becoming even rarer. In addition, my girlfriend hates these with a passion like I’ve never known so true ownership experience might never come to fruition. But we’ll see!

The ‘Almost’ list
There are tons of cars that I like the look of, but they’ve not quite earned a place on the must to-do list (yet). These include the Jaguar XF, XK, Aston Martin, VW Scirocco, Lexus IS and a number of others. Here are some of my more interesting favorites…!

Red Toyota Celica 2000-2007 Toyota Celica.
I remember seeing one of these for the first time on the motorway. At the time it was a real edgy, fresh design and for some reason I’d not seen any pictures of this model prior to its release. I remember mouthing the word “Wow!” as it went passed. Initially I wondered if it was a new baby supercar! I’m still very fond of the looks and the shape, but as I’ve already got a small coupe on my To-do list, this car was pipped to the post by the Cayman. But never say never…
Crossfire Crossfire I’ve never been in one, and the reviews are generally not positive towards this little car, but I like the looks of them. They are quite rare and look smart, the convertibles have better dimensions than the coupe though..
Porsche Cayenne Porsche Cayenne S. If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll know how much I love these cars. But the 18mpg and expensive running costs outweigh its desirability as a daily commutable at the moment.
MG ZS 2005 MG ZS. Cheap and chearful motoring from a legendary UK car company that ultimately lost its way. The last-of-the-line model was great to look at. I’m still not sure how this company went to the wall, as every other youth used to drive the smaller MG ZR. I really did think they were on the cusp of a great return to profitable british motorcars. I like the look of the MG ZS, but in real life it appears a lot more dated than some of the nice imagery that presents itself through the Auto-Trader.

The dream list
These two cars are reserved for those special “6 plus bonus ball” type moments. The outlay and running costs are reserved for the uber rich…

Ferrari F40 Ferrari F40. Poster for my bedroom wall when I was a child, this car represents the ultimate in motoring achievement. A rare sight on the roads keeps this car as revered today as it was when it was launched in the 80’s.
Lambo Gallardo Lamborghini Gallardo. The first time I saw one of these on the road, it overtook me on a dual carriageway. In shiny black with that pointy, purposeful nose it looked like a stealth bomber for the road. I’ve loved them ever since.