Audi A4 Blog: Tip Trip!

Audi Boot full of Rubbish

Audi full of rubbish – including a Microwave which melted after mini-me opted to cook some eggs (actually a sock!) for several minutes!

Just before Christmas, one of our bins (the cardboard recycling one) was damaged as it went into the bin lorry. I called the council who advised a two month turnaround for a new bin. 2 months! Blimey. This meant recycling was on hold as I didn’t fancy cardboard flying everywhere over the next few months as the biggest waste during Christmas is good ol’ boxes of packaging.

So instead, we loaded sacks and dumped them in the Audi for safe keeping. A trip to the tip was in order after Christmas and, following a clearout in the loft since the Christmas decorations were down, we ended up with a fair amount of rubbish – confirmed by the assistant at the Recycling Centre who looked in amazement as I kept returning to the car time after time to empty the load and advised “I thought my car was bad”!

That journey aside, the Audi has been parked for about a month but today was an extended 120 mile trip and the odometer is nudging at 170,000 miles. A quick once over with a top up of the oil, water, petrol and tyre air and we were ready to go.

The exhaust makes an annoying rattle when cold and idle, but fine when on the move. That has developed since I had the new one put on, but they did mention one of the brackets is a bit loose so I put it down to that. Job added to the to-do list.

It’s not terribly comfy on these long journeys and I do get backache after more than an hours drive but apart from the seating position the whole interior is really nice. True, it is well aged, but the plastics are nice and the beige interior lifts the mood beyond a standard black affair.

Shed Audi doing good. The council weren’t bad either – exceeding their quote time immensely and delivering a new bin last week. 😀