The Porsche Experience

Views and test drives of some of Stuttgart’s finest….

Timeline of my Porsche experience In this section, I have reviewed a number of Porsches that I have driven over the years, and will keep adding to this as I get to drive new (or older!) models. Below is a summary of the reports available in this section.

Boxster A retrospective view of my ownership experience with the Boxster – my first Porsche, purchased in 2005. Read this report
911 996 C4S Whilst owning the Boxster, I was invited to test drive the new Cayman 2.7, and a 911 (model 996 C4S). Read this report
Porsche Cayenne The Boxster was in for a service, so Porsche loaned me a Cayenne 3.2. This was a great car, and my first exposure to the Cayenne. With its aggressive looks and high driving position it gave a king-of-the-road feeling. Inside it felt like the last word in luxury. A great car, but with the 3.2 engine it didn’t leave anyone at the lights. Whilst it was brisk, it was simply too heavy to be classed as a fast SUV. Nice though!
Red Porsche Cayman After 3 great years with the Boxster, I purchased a Porsche Cayman in 2008. Read this report.
mmmmm, car candy... Porsche Newcastle invited me to a Porsche experience day at Silverstone. Read this report.
Porsche Cayenne The Cayman went in for paintwork correction, I initially got a Cayenne S for a week… Read this report.
The Porsche Cayman 3.4S PDK …and then a Cayman S PDK for a further week. Read this report.
Porsche 911 Cabriolet Porsche leant me a 911 Cab for 24 hours… Read this report.
Porsche 911 Cabriolet …and I drove a 911 Turbo as part of a comparison feature with my Cayman Read this report.
Porsche Cayman R In a bid to get me to buy the new Cayman, I was offerred an experience day at Silverstone to sample the awesome Cayman “R”. Read this report.
Porsche 997 Cabriolet 3 years after purchasing the Cayman, it was time for a change. I bought a 911 Carrera S Cabrio in 2011. Read this report.
Porsche Carrera GT In writing for the Supercar Driver club magazine, I had the opportunity of a passenger ride in the jaw-dropping Carrera GT! Read this report.
Porsche 9ff Turbo S …and a few months later, I was lucky enough to experience the very rare Porsche 9ff Turbo S! Read this report.
Porsche 981 Boxster In April 2012 I was invited to the new 981 Boxster launch. Read this report.
Porsche 991 Cabriolet September 2013 – Free drive day. Whoop! I went for the 991 Carrera S Cabrio (the new version of mine, basically). And a 2.7 Boxster to see if the 911 really is any better. Read this report.
Porsche 981 Cayman October 2013, I was invited to the Cayman launch. Can’t beat a free party, Porsche style! Read this report.