The Mini Adventure: New Roof.

Ah. When doing my research on the Mini, I read carefully about the most common expensive fault in these cars, namely the gearbox. With cars prior to 2004 likely to need a ‘box rebuild at some point in their lifetime, even the newer cars were not free of the problem – moreover a more expensive repair, if anything.

Put, with the cost of this being around £1,000 at most, and the risk of having a faulty car being almost undetectable it seemed a total gamble as to whether you would get a good one, or a bad one. As such, I thought that it would be worth the risk. To date, all good.

What I hadn’t considered though, was that this being a convertible, it might have issues with the roof. Lo and behold, in May the roof stopped working. Another venture to Porsche Euro and after much research by both of us, the answer was a completely new roof mechanism was required. There was simply no alternative in the market place and, being a BMW direct part, it came with an eye watering bill. All fitted – and with much comical swearing and cursing from John for about an hour, I had a fully working new roof at the cost of £672.

This ‘cheap-as-chips’ car, that replaced our Porsche 911 is turning out to be a rather expensive purchase!

But, with everything now working as it should, hopefully we won’t encounter any more issues. Its a fun car to drive, not particularly comfortable with the rock-hard lumbar of BMW seats, but for smiles per mile with the roof down, it is hard to beat. 🙂

Here it is, back in the garage. 🙂

2004 Orange Mini Cabriolet

2004 Orange Mini Cabriolet