The Mini Adventure: Service, Check Straps and Baffle Rattle.

When we purhcased the Mini, there were a couple of minor niggles that we wanted to get fixed. The first was an exhaust rattle on idle, the other was the check-straps on the doors (the things that wedge the door open at intervals), as our doors just opened and closed too freely, and I wanted to get the car serviced as I didn’t fully understand the ‘service when required’ indicators in the Mini, so wanted to be sure it was in tip-top shape.

I took the little cabrio to John at Porsche Euro, my local Porsche specialist, who also works with many types of Euro cars – the Mini being one of his specialities.

He took care of the door straps without a problem, and undertook a Service 2 inspection, along with the brake fluid change, but the exhaust was rattling on the inside of the baffles and would require an expensive repair. John tried to strap the exhaust to the car, as the original straps had become broken. This made a difference to start with, but the baffle rattle soon came back. As the car isn’t used enough for this to really be annying, we are going to leave it.

With the service indicators now reset (and I now understand how they work!) we probably didn’t need a service for a while yet, but its good to have it all sorted and I suspect it’ll not need another service for years given the mileage we will be doing.

Costs to date:

March – Service (Inspection 2) – £190
April – Brake fluid and check straps – £157