The Mini Adventure: Adios, Mini

Hot Orange Mini Cabriolet Convertible

Hot Orange Mini Cabriolet

Well, after 18 months of mini ownership and, admittedly, nowhere near enough updates on here I should have, its time to say goodbye to the Mini.

The lack of updates also reflects the lack of miles, in that the Mini has been used for high days and holidays and as such only covered a few thousand miles – all of them a real hoot, and my little lady (now 4 years old) really enjoyed being in the Mini, roof up or down!

Aside from the new roof requirements in the previous updates, this has been a fantastic little car to own. It has always started on the button, it has never faulted and provided smiles-per-mile unsurpassed for such a low cost car. It would be left in the garage for weeks and the battery never so much as hinted at a problem, unlike its previous Porsche stable mates who needed continual life support to keep them in operation after an extended period of hibernation.

The reason for sale was that, as we have no swapped the Evoque for the Cayenne, things are not all rosy in the automotive satisfaction stakes, in the Motorcloud household. The Cayenne has polarised opinion, in that I really love it and my wife really hates it. What to do? Well, accepting that the Cayenne was going to stay (and admittedly, its a perfect family bus for lugging all of our daily junk around in comfort), my wife wanted to start driving our other car more often (the Mini) – but the problem was that the Mini wasn’t really big enough for daily family shopping duties.

Mini and Beetle

Mini and Beetle

So, time to look at alternatives and the Beetle was chosen as its successor. The Mini was put up for sale and within a few weeks it had sold to a young lady who was already a Mini owner looking for a convertible version. A short time later, the deal was done. I kept the car for a week in my garage whilst she sorted out her insurance and then we said goodbye to our little friend.

It was brightly coloured, very highly spec’d, it was fun, ramshackle-y, but gave as much driving pleasure as sports cars costing ten times as much, at far lower speeds and was cheap to own and run.

I’m sure the new owner will love it as much as we have. They are fantastic fun and as a car for enjoying at weekends with little outlay, or if you are not in need of space and want something a little sprightly, I can’t recommend one highly enough.