Cayman Diaries: The Final Checks…

The Cayman went in for its pre-sale inspection this month and as expected passed without a hitch. The only warning being the RMS oil seal, which came as no surprise. Porsche dealerships seem to be mighty keen on this easy-money seal replacement.

The clutch sensor switch also wasn’t being as pro-active as I’d like so a week later I took it back to John at Porsche Euro to sort out. I wanted to ensure the new owners have as enjoyable experience with the car as I have, so elected to have this work done before they collected the car.

20 minutes and a free coffee later and John had sorted out my clutch sensor. “No charge” I was informed. Worra guy!! “I replaced it not too long ago for you so I’ll take it up with Porsche on your behalf”.

Nice blokes at Porsche Euro – recommended as always.