The 911 Years: Porsche Festival

A spur of the moment decision for us, it was a lovely day and we decided to head over the the annual Porsche Festival, held this year at Lotherton Hall on 20th July 2014.

It was surprising the number of cars that were on display – rows and rows of Stuttgart’s finest. The event also allowed discuounted entry to the hall, gardens and its bird zoo – a great family day out then! 🙂

There was a 911 (997.1, same model as mine) there in particular which had the modified DRL front side lights. I have to say they do look great on the photos but in ‘real life’ I think they are a little too bling for my tastes. I was considering purchasing a set, but I think I might leave it.

In summary, a really enjoyable day, albeit a relatively short one for us, but I was impressed at the turnout – this being my first attendance at a Porsche Club GB event.