The 911 Years: MOT Time 2014

MOT Time.

It’s the same old story. I know its round about due. I’ve had the reminders from previous companies and it’s on the to-do list. Then it slips one’s mind only to return the day before it expires. That’s right, it’s time for the Ministry of Transports annual inspection test on my Porsche 911.

I called my local, friendly MoT centre and they were able to book me in for the next day. I’m pleased to report the car passed with flying colours, aside from an advisory on the rear tyres. Given the low miles I’m doing (approximately 3,500 per year) he said the might even last to the next test.

However, I don’t like to risk tyres or brakes so they will get done when we arrive at winter – probably another 1,000 miles away.

Oily Bits.

The 911 has been puffing out smoke on start-up fairly frequently which I understand is a trademark of the flat-six engine, as is the use of oil. A call to Russ at Revolution to buy a few top-up bottles and he advised that anything up to 1 litre per 700 miles is generally acceptable by Porsche’s own standards but if it’s any fewer miles that I should have it booked in for a check-up. To be honest, I think I have only used 2-3 litres since my last service about 3,500 miles ago so things are hopefully all OK. However, I’ll top it up again this weekend and then reset the odometer and see how things stand between fill ups.

I also enquired about re-spray costs whilst at Revolution. They’ve got a car in at the moment and the bumper re-spray looked like a good colour match. The price was acceptable, so a blow-over on the front and into the wings might be a consideration for next year, depending on finances, as the front end is badly stone chipped. It looks fine from a few feet away, but up close it is very peppered.

In other news.

Nothing else to report other than I’m still enjoying driving the car and sharing family journeys with my wife and daughter. My wife used it for the day recently whilst the Evoque was in for a spruce-up with AutoShine, and unfortunately she still doesn’t like driving it! But my almost-three year old daughter still loves it to bits. Which is good news, because I’m still pretty fond of it too.

Isabelle in the Porsche Seat!

Isabelle in the Porsche Seat!