The 911 Years: Cleaned Driveway!

Ok, so this isn’t technically anything to do with the 911, but following the post of part-1 of my garage floor refresh, I thought I’d post anyway.

Our home is now around ten years old, and the red paving at the front of the tarmac drive was looking a little tired. Indeed a quick blast with the Karcher jetwash showed just how much grime is on there. In addition, a colony of Ants had taken residence at the top of the drive and had sunken four or five bricks over time.

A chance meeting with a tree surgeon(I need one cutting back in a few weeks time) and noticed his business card advised that he also cleaned and restored driveways. Happy days. I received a quote, which I was very pleased with which also including relaying the sunken bricks and (if the Ants nest was under the bricks) removal of that too.

I came home a few days later to find the driveway fully completed – and significantly cleaner than even the small section I had done with the Karcher – and fully sealed too. Unfortunately, the ants nest wasn’t directly under the pavings and they are still there battling away, making holes in my newly laid sand. But on balance, I’d rather they be at the top of the drive than in my house and if it takes another 10 years for them to sink a few paves, then it will be time to re-clean anyway. 🙂

Regardless, the driveway is now looking fantastic and has led me to thinking about cleaning the tarmac too. It’s possible to buy a tarmac stain which gives it that fresh black wet look that newly laid tarmac has. Decisions, decisions.

Driveway cleaned!

Driveway cleaned!