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Welcome to motorcloud!

This is my journal of life with Porsche and other motor Marques.

I love cars. They are my hobby.  Cars are what motivates me to work harder so that I can experience the driving pleasure derived from driving these great machines. In 2005 at the age of 28 I decided to delve into the world of prestige motoring and purchased my first Porsche. It was a Boxster 2.7.

I joined a forum to discuss the fun (and sometimes pain) of ownership. As time went on, I wrote a few reviews on the forum about courtesy cars that I had driven and created a running report when I purchased the Cayman. These reports have been well received so thought I’d organise them all into one website so that others can read them at their leisure, should anyone be interested in my ramblings.

Lets call it…. my motoring journal.

I’ll keep the website updated frequently and I hope you like it and find my articles interesting and informative. I’ll write about cars that I have driven, been in, owned as well as just opinions and random stuff too.

What do I drive currently?Orange Mini Cabrio

I currently own a new model (2014) Beetle 1.4 Cabriolet, which I have owned since late 2014. This is our family fun car. I also have a Porsche Cayenne 3.2, which is our daily family car – bought used in 2016. I am on the look out for a new sports car to add to the mix, but for now, the Mini is the latest fun car and will form the basis of my running reports in the run up to summer!

In the past I have also owned a Porsche 911 (997.1 model) Carrera S Cabriolet, Porsche Boxster, Porsche CaymanRange Rover Evoque, Mini One Cabrio and Toyota MR2. All of these cars feature in my ‘blogs’. Finally in the previous fleet was an old Audi A4, which was a fun few years trying out “Shedding” – that is buying and running a very old car on a shoe string.

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Supercar Driver meet

Anything else to know?

I am now the feature writer for the website and editor of the club magazine. You can find many of my reports and features, along with other members experience reports in this magazine. I have also had articles published in local and regional magazines. If you need something writing for your publication, please get in touch!

Finally, I have another website which I run along side this one called Project 3000. Along with a friend who is running a Porsche 996 for less than £83per month, I am looking to purchase another Boxster to run alongside this and document supercheap supercar running at some point in 2014/2015.