The 911 Years: Service Time!

It has been a long time coming. 24 months to be exact, but “Service Day” arrived at the start of April.

I had an inkling that this wasn’t going to be a cheap one, but ignorance is bliss so chose to put these thoughts to one side as I declared to Russ from Revolution Porsche on arrival that I’d like a “Major service with all the bells and whistles, brake fluid, new tyres, alloy refurb and a quote on the brakes”, in a style that only a working class ‘millionaire’ can.

Russ knows me well – and he knows I’m not a millionaire either. I’ve had a lot of dealings with him – often calling in just for a chat with him and his team as well as dropping off my Porsches over the years for resolution on niggling faults. Yet on reflection I realised I have only spend a few hundred pounds with his company in the past 5 years. He’s either a great guy for putting up with me all that time, or he was just biding his time until I bought something in need of major surgery. Today was his day.

A quick look at the brakes before I left and he said “yep, they are long gone, you need new ones”. I knew this already, as my inspection when I bought the car 2 years ago said they were ready then.

I wasn’t in a hurry for the car back and Russ does a fantastic deal on servicing and detailing package so figured I’d leave the car to Darren – Revolution’s detailer – after the service and let him turn it to something sparkling clean whilst it was there. In for a penny and all that…

And so as the days went buy, so the calls began. First up was the blunt question… “Your clutch is knackered. How do you drive with that?”. Now, this explains a lot because the 997 is flippin’ awful and I have complained about the weight of the clutch on my running reports since I bought it. I always just assumed it was supposed to be like that.

“No”, Russ reassured me “It is definitely not supposed to be like that”. New clutch added to the order. I asked for the RMS to be sorted too whilst he was at it (a common thing to replace when doing the clutch).

The master slave cylinder was also added to the bill which, due to the pressure that had been applied to it whilst I’d been working my left knee to the bone to make the clutch move, simply crumbled to pieces when the old clutch came out.

Another day, another call… “Have you heard that squealing when the car is started?” Russ asks me. I had. Time for a new starter motor. And some overtime at work with this lot.

Part way through the service, with the engine half in bits Russ’ team discovered a leak on the IMS as well, so that was fixed too.

As was the tandem pump which was passed its best.

There are still a couple of to-do bits, including the coolant pipes and heat shields but these are minor jobs and can be done once my bank balance recovers. In the year 2020.

Russ assured me that all of this is standard maintenance stuff that does wear out on 997’s, it’s just I’ve been unlucky in that they all needed doing at once. I guess the other way to look at it is that these are preventative measures and if they had all broken at different times, I’d have been reporting a very unreliable car over the years rather than an extremely reliable one.

Russ did me a great deal on this work and was incredibly understanding. He realised the expense of this was not insignificant. Even after several discounts he went that one step further; how many garages do you know who apply an extra discount to your invoice “to try to help out a bit”? It’s not like Russ needed to do this either – he isn’t exactly short of work at the minute with his team working until midnight some days to keep up with demand.

Yet still, despite handing over the equivalent purchase cost of a used Boxster once you include the cost of new tyres and brakes all round and an alloy spruce up, Revolution have still come in at around half the cost of the official dealer network.

It’s becoming clear that 911’s aren’t cheap to run, but having a specialist who you can genuinely trust makes it all the palatable, and my specialist of choice is Revolution. It is good to see that Russ’ original ethos when he started Revolution about high quality customer service is still very much at the top of the agenda.

I’ve had the car back a week now and am over the moon with the difference. The clutch is just amazing; it actually drives like a car now rather than a tractor. I’ve been strongly considering an auto for the next car, but this has transformed the manual experience. Also, when turning the key the starter motor actually sounds keen as opposed to being half asleep.

Generally speaking, it now feels and drives like it probably should have done all along. The detailing was superb and looked like a new car when I collected it at the weekend. I just need to get rid of those stone chips now on the front….!

I’ve had this week off work and the sun has been out. The 997 had had more than its fair share of use!! 🙂

Revolution Porsche, as always are highly recommended. I’ll post some detailing pics in the next few weeks along with an update.