Evoque Blog: Service and Finance

So, a couple of things happened this month. The Evoque was due for its second service and along with this it had a new piece of window trim fitted to the rear passenger door. This black piece of plastic had always been slightly warmed on ours, so a new part was ordered.

This was fitted as part of the warranty and, as I have a service plan on the Evoque, this was also completed with no bill to pay.

Warnings from the service checks were the brake pads, which have reached 4mm at the rear, and one of the tyres is now down to 3mm. I think both of these have still got plenty of life left in them to be honest and to change would be slightly premature. I’m told the rear brake pads start at 10mm, with the fronts at 12mm with MOT fail at 1.5mm. At the close of summer I think I’ll get both front tyres and the rear brake discs sorts.

For now though, a clean bill of health. And a clean car too – LR give it a good wash as part of the deal.

In other news, as the Evoque is now 2 years old the finance agreement was ending with a balloon payment owed. Now, they wrote to us six months ago but since then nothing. Not a word of reminder. I realised, purely by chance when sorting out some papers at the weekend that I’d got two days left to pay!! LR Finance will automatically request the whole amount via direct debit at the end of the agreement. So we had two days to find twenty grand. No mean feat as most of our money is heavily tied up and can’t be quickly released.

If push came to shove, we could have got the money but I wanted to refinance the deal. A call to LR Finance and a conversation with the most disintegrated female operative I’ve ever spoke to meant they wouldn’t be getting any repeat business. I hung up and called the payments line instead and asked for a few days grace whilst I got the money in place. “No problem” they said, which was great.

In the meantime I called Tony at Supercar Finance. I’ve used them in the past and they are fantastic – and turned the whole thing around in 2 days!

So deal all done and we’re back at £250 per month for our lovely Evoque. Can’t grumble at that. 🙂

We had also considered upgrading the Evoque to a new SD4 Auto model, but with the bathroom deciding to eject water into the dining room a few weeks ago, that idea has been put on hold for 12 months. We were due a new bathroom anyway, so might as well go the whole hog and we’ll look at the cost of a new Evoque in 2015.