Porsche 9ff Turbo S

Originally written as part of a “Celebration of Motoring” feature for supercardriver.com. You can view the pdf version of the full story here.

Porsche 9ff Turbo S in White

Porsche 9ff Turbo S in White

I’m a Porsche fanboy. It was never the poster on my wall as a teenager (that was the Ferrari F40), but after being introduced to the brand originally via the Boxster, I’ve been hugely impressed with the way that Porsches can offer serious power and prestige, yet are useable as every day cars. Over the years I’ve grown rather attached to the brand so this, the first 9ff I have seen, generates a natural curiosity.

Based on the 997 Turbo S (Mk 2), the original car develops 530bhp. The 9ff modifications move the power up to whopping 650bhp for this PDK edition. A manual 9ff car would hit a mind-boggling 700bhp!

Inside, the car is business as usual for the 997 Porsche. No extreme modifications in here, all is kept pretty standard. Most of the work for 9ff is done under the bonnet – barring the bonkers paintwork, but that was owner Ade’s choice! The 9ff modification list is pretty extensive and included bigger turbos, upgraded intercoolers, ECUs and suspension.

This car is the first Gen2 Turbo that 9ff completed and Ade is very happy with it. Today Ade is driving the Ford, so I’m out in the car with his brother, Steve. “It’s a mad car” he says “I always laugh in disbelief whenever I drive it. The power delivery is insane”. I ask for a demonstration and the loud pedal is pressed. The turbo’s spool up, the car hunkers down and off we go like a rocket. All of the cars here are, obviously, very fast but nothing can match the 9ff for its out and out speed.

The custom exhaust extracts every last decibel from the flat-6 Porsche engine and the striking paintwork helps to keep the car as noticeable as its peers out on the roads today.

What I particularly like about the 9ff is the accessibility of its power. There is no drama, no manual gate or high-concentration required. You can amble through town as an every-day car, but when you want to really move – either in the twisties (Turbo’s are 4WD) or on the track, with a hard right foot you can turn this into one of the fastest cars in the world.


March 2012