Your Feedback

Thanks to everyone who has commented on my website. I have started to collate your comments and feedback will be published here.

On the Porsche Cayman “R” Experience write-up;

  • “Great write up and photos as per usual Paul. Sounds like you had a great day and immersed yourself in the cars and faciilites.”, Berty, April 2011
  • “Great write up, thanks, even if we had to wait so long…”, Domiouk, April 2011
  • “Loved the write up Paul”, Spiker, April 2011
  • “Thanks Paul, I really enjoyed your write-up. For someone who has never been to the Porsche Experience centre it gave me great insight into the facilities available there. The differences you described between the Cayman models were very interesting. Thanks for your efforts.”, Steve, April 2011

On my “911 Turbo vs Cayman 2.7” cover article, published in Porsche Post, March 2011

  • “Paul’s write up was excellent (not that I ever doubted him)”, Exy, March 2011
  • “Well, I’ll give him 9/10……one mark deducted for using ‘concert’ twice to describe the sound of the turbo’s engine/exhaust”, Boxsey, March 2011
  • “Best article in it, and I mean it. Answers a lot of my own questions!”, London987, March 2011
  • “Great little article btw Paul!”, Maxxsirrah, March 2011
  • “I thought the article was very good Paul, reads really well and I could really imagine how both cars drive. Nice pics too., Simon F, March 2011
  • “Great article, nice to see two red cars”, Paul, March 2011
  • “brilliant article paul-well done “, Dyllan, March 2011
  • “Very good article Paul and good to see a Cayman in the spotlight”, Darren, March 2011

General feedback

  • “Very good read, thank you”  J, June 2010
  • “Really enjoyable site Paul, thoroughly enjoyed the 2001 Boxster retroview, having just got my first Porsche, a Boxster S, 2001 (Lapis Blue as well) the phrase “Porsche panic” really rang true lol.keep up the good work I’ll keep checking in from time to time.” Chris, April 2010
  • “Very good mate”, Roadrunner, Feb 2010
  • enjoyed the Convertibleness read and I’m glad it all worked out“, Russ, Feb 2010
  • I reckon it’s great that you have taken the bother to do this and as you well know I have been saying for a while I reckon you have missed your calling“, Exy Feb 2010
  • Just viewed your site and my instant impressions are great! Very nicely laid out, easy to read and the functionality suits all.“, R, 2010
  • Nice site. I enjoyed your write-up of the white 2009 Cayman PDK very much. Good pics too.“. Simon, Feb 2010
  • “Motorcloud—-fantastic website —loved the Boxster ownership page nicely written and relaxing / informative reading — will keep dropping in to see whats new”, Nigel, Jan 2010
  • Fantastic Paul O, I have just read the whole thing and it was an incredible read keep it up. Ive got a 986 but the temptation of a Cayman (your post not helping matters) is growing“,  SJC, Jan 2010