Evoque Blog: One Month On

Having owned the car for a month now and covered 500 miles, there are a few things that we’ve noticed. The first is that the MPG is way off what is quoted (circa 50mpg). We have been getting around 32mpg on a combined cycle, although the car has been used much less than usual on the motorways. A very recent motorway and city drive however returned a computer indicated 36mpg but this is still way short of quote figures.

The stereo system sounds excellent – lots of punchy bass and plenty of clarity through the mid and high ranges. We have an older generation iPod which was initially not recognised by the Evoque, but I have since found the solution to this (update the software via iTunes!).

In terms of options, there is one that we would definitely spec if we bought again – that is front parking sensors. For less than £300 it was an oversight to miss this off the list, as the car is very big and those sensors would have been extremely handy. Possibly the electronic boot closure too, as it requires a good old push to get it to close first time. More often than not, I have to re-open and then slam down if I’ve taken an occasion to let gravity take some of the weight on my behalf.

Other than that, we are overjoyed with the car. A great looking big-small car with a prestigious interior and lots of gadgets to play with. Turns lots of heads too!