Cayman Diaries: New Wheels!

I acquired these from eBay about 3 weeks ago, finally got round to fitting them yesterday.


Cayman on 17's

Cayman on 17's

After (gave it a wash too):

Cayman on 18's

Picture taken with camera-phone, hence the pinkness!

I think they look awesome!!

First impressions…

The tyres are bloomin’ huge! 235 on front, 265 on the back!! (my 17’s were 205 and 235 respectively). They are also sporting the brand and make of tyre as my old wheels.

The 18s are noticeably louder than the 17s giving off a lot more road-noise, which was quite unexpected. You feel more of the unevenness in the road as well. Potholes etc are now more noticeable in the cabin. The price you pay for vanity I guess.

I’ve decided to keep the old ones, at least for now, as the tread is good. Being smaller wheels they will probably be better in the bad weather of winter too, and will keep the car a bit quieter in the rubbish months. But, as appearances go, I’m now 100% happy with my car. It looks great, sounds great and drives great. Marvellous!!