Cayman Diaries: New Tyres

With summer on the cusp of arriving here in the UK I thought it was time to show off the car to its best potential and put the 18″s back on. I’ve been delaying the change over due to the increased firmness of the ride on the bigger wheels. However, a recent invite to the Sheffield Supercar Sunday meant that I wanted my little motor to be looking its very best.

The rear tyres were down to the nuckle so purchased some new ones from The price was a reasonable, but not particularly cheap £530 for a pair of Mitchelin Pilot Sports, fully fitted. These are the same tyres that I’ve always had on the Porsches, this time in the N4 rating. Try as I might, I couldn’t find any N3’s to match the front. However, I’m led to believe that the N ratings don’t need to match as long as the axel has the same on each side.

Whilst not the cheapest price, Blackcircles service was excellent. On payment I was allocated my own representative who would peraonlly handle and of my queries, and who would be carrying out my order to completion. In the world of call centres that we now live in, such attention to detail was a welcome suprise.

I had the tyres delivered to a local garage who fitted them for me.

Looking great once again, we are now all set to go for the meet in Sheffield!!! Read all about it here 🙂