Cayman Diaries: New Plugs and Sensor

Failure notice warned of a broken temperature sensor

Failure notice warned of a broken temperature sensor

Over the past few weeks, the “Failure Indicator” light has come back on intermittently. I called my Porsche specialist garage who said its likely to be a fault with the coolant temperature sensor – apparently a lot of these are being replaced at the minute.

The Cayman went in for its fix today as I’m off on another jolly jaunt with the Supercardriver club on Sunday and didn’t want to risk the problem occurring again.

Whilst it was in I elected to have the 4 year sparkplug change completed. This isn’t due for another month but figured whilst its in, I might as well have it sorted out.

They also adjusted the handbrake for me as this had got a little increased play over the few years I’ve owned it.

2 hours later, I’d got a new temperature sensor, lots of lovely sparking bits and a tighter handbrake. My wallet lost £115, but thats not a terribly high amount of money giving the few hours worth of work that was put in.

If you need a specialist in the Pontefract-Barnsley area, I’d recommend Porsche Euro.

Cayman now happy. Paul now happy.