Cayman Diaries: MOT Time

Whoops! Due to working away and then a bunch of holidays recently I haven’t been using the Cayman much during the week and I completely forgot that it was due its MOT on September 1st. I booked it in yesterday and the MOT was carried out at Porsche Leeds today.  It passed with flying colours, but I still get that tentative feeling whilst any of my cars are in being inspected!

Then, just as I was about to drive off, one of the rear brake lights failed. I got a warning on the dashboard – most impressive as I hadnt realised that it does this. I wandered back in and the dealer put me another bulb in free of charge. They also gave the car a full clean inside and out as part of the MOT and it looks and smells lovely again. Hurrah!

Professional Photos
The Cayman has recently had some professional photos done as part of a feature I have written comparing my Camyan 2.7 to the mighty 911 Turbo. I can’t put them online as yet as my article is going to be published in the Porsche Post UK owners club magazine! Happy days indeed. As soon as the mag has been released I’ll put the photos on here for one and all to enjoy!