Audi A4 Blog: Month 1 – Steady away.

I am now one month into shedding and things have gone pretty well so far. The car is used for daily work-duties, with a 60 mile round trip on the days when I need to be present in the office. I have been regularly checking the status of the Audi’s coolant leak and it duly required a top up a couple of weeks ago.

Having done this now a couple of times – and thereby improving my mechanic-like ability ten-fold, (removing coolant lid, filling up bottle, replacing said lid and securing tightly) I’m feeling more confident with the car. So confident, that it had an extra £40 of fuel put in, taking it to three-quarters of a tank full. Now that’s commitment.

For extra coolant top-ups, I have a 2-litre lemonade bottle. The contents have been replaced with the finest of tap water for the summer months. This bottle lives in the car and is ready and waiting to top up on demand. There is also a slow puncture on one of the tyres, so a call to the petrol station to fill that up was required.

Costs to date: 1 litre of council pop and fifty pence-worth of air.