Event: Local Supercar Run

Supercar Driver - Local Run October 2013

Supercar Driver Local Run – Meet Point

One of the members of Supercar Driver organised a drive out across his local stomping ground, close to Barnsley and over the Peak District. A few nice cars turned up including a Corvette, Ferrari 360, 355 and a 996 Turbo (with 997 front nose).

It was a great run out and even the weather wasn’t too bad, despite the grim pictures on the shots in this article. I didn’t have my camera with me, so these are iPhone 3 images unfortunately! Still, you get the idea!

The roads were pretty quiet and due to the lead drivers knowledge of the area we were able to turn onto further backgrounds if we did get stuck behind queues of cars. We ended up at a Cafe right on the top of the hills and was a splendid was to finish a thoroughly enjoyable run, in the company of like-minded enthusiasts.


Supercar Driver - Local Run October 2013

The Meet Point – note the white Porsche 996 with 997 front end!