The 911 Years: Insurance Time

Its that time of year again (groan), the insurance is due. My renewal quote came through from Admiral at £1180, which seemed a bit steep, so I had a chat with the meerkat who got the price down to £812. And who was this low bid from? Admiral!!

So I called Admiral who duly matched their own quote – until they realised that I had a child under 16 (I had forgotten to add this to the quote). Despite covering only 6,000 miles per year, and with my baby still too small to go in the car for at least 6 months (“We run the risk that you might put her in it at anytime sir” – I kid you not!!),  this increased the premium by a whopping£170!!! I’m not sure how having a tiny child in your car would ever make you more dangerous on the roads but apparently it does.

Somewhat angry at this I looked up quotes on instead. I also included child under 16 as part of the premium. And the best price?? £808! You’ll never guess who this cheap insurance is with…. Go on then I’ll tell you. It’s Admiral.

Insurance costs begger believe – £800 isn’t cheap at the best of times, but to spend a whole evening messing on the internet just to get the SAME insurer to give you their lowest quote is rediculous and shows just what a cowboy ransom industry the insurance business is.

Still, after a stressful nights work, my annual insurance for the Porker is £800. Job done for another year. Thankfully.