Cayman Diaries: Icey days…

I thought I’d give a quick winter-update. The verdict – Cayman no like icy! 

Slid and slipped and traction-controlled my way to the end of the courtyard yesterday, somewhat hair-raising as if it grabbed traction at any point I would have met the wall with an alarming speed-jerk! . Once onto the main side road was great fun though. It’s a small incline, lightly covered in that snowy-ice stuff. Picture the scene – a huge white covered side road, wide enough for a dual carriageway, low pavements, no parked cars or traffic. And me. With my tail-happy Cayman.

Oh yes… Just a gentle (and I mean gentle) push of the throttle and I was sliding all over the shop!     At one point I was driving up the hill sideways. Felt like the Stig in slow motion (about 3mph!  ). But hey it was fun.

On any other road however, that is – and would be – as scary a scary experience. Either I caught a particularly bad day, or I don’t recall the 986 being that bad.

This made me realise 3 things:

1) I love this car to bits and don’t want it to get bent during the winter months
2) I don’t want to risk someone else sliding into it either
3) So I’m considering buying a cheap run-around for the snowy days to protect my little baby!