The 911 Years: Hard top and baby seat purchased!

Baby Seat

My lil’ baby has got her own car seat! After reading several threads, I went for the Maxi Cosi Tobi car seat. It was a t*ss-up between this and a used Porsche item. However, we happened across a local baby shop that had a Tobi in, so took the plunge and bought it.

The shop tested the seat would fit before I purchased. It fits in the back seats, but only just. However, removing the cushioning for the lower section of the seat provides more room and a better fit (the cushion is simply velcro’ed in place). However, a point to note is that the Cabriolets have less room than the coupe models, so leg room is definitely at a premium!

Time will tell if it was the right choice – and that time will be in 5 months’ time! 🙂

I love hard tops. It’s like having a new car for the winter! So a spot of prudent ebay buying landed me a black hard top for just £161 !

I’ve gone for a 996 hard top, as these fit the 997 cars by installing the 996 spinlocks to the car. I believe the roof is the same for both models and am looking forward to getting it fitted. Revolution Porsche will again be my port of call – although they have confirmed that the cost price for spinlocks is actually more than the hard top itself! Yikes.

Collecting the hard top was fun – We went in a Nissan Navara – the biggest car I can lay my hands on, but the roof wouldn’t fit. Thankfully the guy I bought it from was a car dealer, so we ambled around the parking lot trying the roof in various vans and we found a winner in the form of a Ford Galaxy. Bringing it back to my house was a non starter as it was too far, but with my parents living at the midway point, he agreed to send one of his staff in the Galaxy to my folks house for a few extra quid (well, 39 of them to be precise – still a small price to pay for my buffoonary) . Phew!
Next up will be getting the locks fitted, then a trip to the folks’ house to install the roof. Can’t wait!!

The Alternative
I would have loved one of these, and was very excited when I found it on the web….

This is a Targa style roof for the 997 cabriolet. This would also mean that baby would be covered from the wind, whilst me and the missus could enjoy semi-convertibleness for family days out next year. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be because the price of that cool piece of tech is an astronomical £10,000.

Yes, £10k for a roof. So I’ve got a normal Porsche one instead for £161…