Cayman Diaries: Happy New Year!

Small update
Well, the 17″ wheels are back on the Cayman again. The tyres on the 18s are past their best and the rock-hard drive was giving me backache.

One of the 17’s had a puncture so I took it down to the local ATS to sort it. The puncture was too large for a spot repair so was sent away. The tyres were eventually put on around late November time. I’m happy to report that the 17s came as a relief to my back, as the car started to roll over potholes again rather than crashing into them like some hedonistic loony on a suicide mission. This has made the drive much more pleasant – and a bit quieter too.

The daily drive with the new wheels only lasted about a week though, at which point my girlfriend finished work so I’ve been using her car since. Then the snow came, so my lil’ car has been in its Garage for ages. I’ve taken it out for a spin once over the festive period and it was a great drive – but a very slippy one. I went sideways coming off a roundabout at about 10mph with only a small amount of snow flakage on the ground.  So, it went back in its box and the Fiesta has been the continued reliable daily driver.

I still love my little Cayman though!

I received some pennies for Christmas and I think these will be put to good use in the form of a full detail by our local car detailer in the coming months. And this time, it will actually happen!! Expect a detailed report and photos on this soon!

Off Topic
I’m hoping to get a test drive in a 997 in the next few months when my car goes in for its service, so I’ll create a report for that, and my lady bought me a Lamborghini track day for Christmas, which I CANT WAIT to do!!! Again, reviews and photos will be published in due course. Hurrah!