The 911 Years: Garage Painting – Part One

Repainting the garage has been on my to-do list since we moved in – that was getting on for 5 years ago. My plan was to first repaint the walls in white, and to have a red stripe and a red cupboard on the wall to match. I then wanted to have the black and white chequered floor put down to finish it off nicely.

The initial repaint of the walls was done a couple of years ago. Why the red stripe? I don’t know really, I just fancied it. At the time I had a red Cayman too so it kind of went together, but I like red anyway (most of my cars have been red) so that’s staying.

The next job was going to be the floor but I haven’t got around to it. A pre-requisite though is the paint the front section of the garage which you can still see when the garage is closed. I also needed to paint the step at the back.

It was a nice day today, so time to get cracking. The walls could probably do with another going over but hey, this is a garage – nothing happens in here other than to drive the car in and out, and occasionally go and get my screwdriver set for a bit of simple DIY (and by simple I mean things like unscrewing plastic toy covers to replace batteries). So to go overboard would be a bit silly. I want it to look nice, without going daft in such a small space.

First up was to give the place a good brush to get rid of the dirt, leaves and any uncovered spiders that have taken up residence in there. Here is a ‘before’ picture;

Garage Painting - before

Garage Painting – before

You can see the section that protrudes in front of the garage and it was looking pretty sorry for itself. Leaves all moved (also in the picture) and its time to get painting. About 30 minutes later and this is the result;

Garage Painting - during

Garage Painting – during

Step painted too (Door needs a repaint)!



It was a nice day, so I then left it for a couple of hours. When I checked it had gone sticky and was dry enough for coat number two which took about 10 minutes. The burning question at this point would be “Why on Earth have you only done that tiny bit?” Well, the principal reason for all of this is to do the front bit, so that when I put the chequered floor down, the concrete below will still look decent. Whilst doing this however, I realised how quick-and-easy this was and did consider doing the whole lot, until I read the tin which said not to park a car on it for three days. I’ve got about three hours, not three days, so will wait until the car goes in for some work.

I think I am going to finish it off though as it does look much nicer than it has done and freshens things up nicely in there. At least until I get around to buying the new flooring anyway. I was originally looking at Dynotile, but have since heard about Mototile and they also do skirting boards, so thinking of going for those types. Here is an example, although mine will be black and white rather than blue and white;

Mototile floor

Mototile floor


For now though, the pre-req work has been completed;

Garage Floor - after

Garage Floor – after

Part 2 coming soon!!


Addition, for information, this is the paint that I’ve used and I’ll let you know how it performs! 🙂

Wickes Garage Paint

Wickes Garage Paint