The 911 Years: Facelift Quandry

I’m fairly certain this car will now be a long term keeper, largely influenced by my two year old daughter who absolutely loves it. I mused maybe replacing it for a different ‘Porscha’ or instead a Ferrari, but both of these are met with a defiant “nooooo…. Keep the Porscha, Daddy”.

This decision would also keep Mrs Motorcloud most happy as, although this is her least favourite Porsche so far (suspension too harsh, engine too noisy), it means we can do house renovations with the spare cash. That said, I have done some sums on a brand new Cayman and the cost to change would work out cheaper than owning the current car, which makes it an interesting proposition – and a new running report!

Other options are still the 360 or a Maserati GT, but no – Porker will be staying. I’ve been driving it recently and it is still great fun – if a little anonymous. Having said that, I still felt a berk last week when on a nice summers day I took it to the local McDonalds. Roof down, PJ’s on (I’d had a lazy morning) and the McDonalds drive-thru queue was far enough back to the outside seating area – which was packed with students on their lunch break. One did feel a tad tittish as I waited, for what felt like an eternity, as the snail’s pace queue to slowly edged me forward past the students and into full view of the large windows housing everyone inside. Finally around the back one could get ones order and get out of there – but not before being made to wait for a few minutes in ‘bay 1’ whilst they made my order. So, McDonalds – thanks for that.

Buffoonery antics aside, my mind is pretty much made up – it’s a fun car and I don’t use it enough to be bored of it. It is expensive to maintain though. But it is mine. And come August, it will be ALL mine as the finance will be paid off. And that is a big, big plus.

Car Facelift – Quandry.

That now been all but decided, I was considering perhaps changing the look of the car and was thinking of having the car wrapped in purple. Just to be different. Maybe a set of Gen 2 alloys and some LED indicator lenses just to give it more personal, yet still relatively OEM, appearance.  Crucially, it can all be put back to standard as soon as the mood takes my fancy because in my opinion this is the best shape 911, with the best wheels and the best colour as it is.

911 on driveway

911 on driveway