Evoque Blog: Window sticking problem – and a DIY solution!

So, it happened again. One frosty morning and I tried the drivers window and it wouldn’t drop – and since then it wouldn’t go down again.

I put a call in to LR servicing, who said that they have had a lot in recently with the spate of cold weather and there is a simple solution. So here it is, if anyone gets a similar issue;

When you drop the window, if it is frozen shut then the anti-trap mechanism kicks in thinking there is something in the way of the window. This then sets this position as being the lower most down position and therefore you window won’t go down any further.

Solution… (when it isn’t frosty!)… press the window switch down fully until the window stops, then pull the window switch up fully and once at the top, hold for 5-6 seconds (you hear the switch make 2 clicks, which is the point where the one-touch window is normally activated). This resets the upper most position. The window will now go down. When it gets to the bottom, do the same again for the lower position by holding the switch down fully for 5-6 seconds (same process as the up-position). This resets the lowest position of the window.

Ta-Daa! One fixed window.

Hope that helps someone! I had to do it a few times to get it to work, but it did work. 🙂