Evoque Blog: New Year Updates

Happy New Year folks!

Car Seat

We have now purchased a new car seat for our little lady – who had outgrown her old car seat. In the end, we went for the Maxi Cosi RodiFix, in pink. This fits via the IsoFix and slots in nicely in the Evoque. 🙂

Recall and Problems

Evoque Broken Parcel Shelf

Evoque Broken Parcel Shelf

We’ve had a letter through advising of a recall on the Evoque and need to get this booked in. However, its due a service in a couple of months so might just get it all done at the same time. A few niggles have developed in that time which I will get looked at. Firstly, the boot squeaks from the right hand side bar when you close it. There is also a piece of trim that doesn’t stick correctly; this is the black window trim on the rear passenger door. It protrudes slightly upwards and needs sticking down. It has been like it since we bought it, but keep forgetting to mention it to the dealer.

The final thing – in an act of buffoonery with an overloaded car packed with Christmas goodies, I snapped off the small plastic screw which holds the parcel shelf to the boot. I’ll ask for the dealer to fix that come service time in early March and report back.

Other stuff

MPG is still woefully circling around the 32mpg mark – a far cry from the official quoted figures. Everything else is fine though and is proving to be a great family car – it took us to Centerparcs in November for a week’s holiday. We packed all of our holiday goods and the Evoque provided a lovely comfortable journey to Cumbria. We are considering a roof rack so that we can journey further afield and not have to use the passenger seat for ‘stuff’. The roof bars are expensive though, but still on the to-do list for 2014/2015.