Evoque Blog: Minor Fault, booked in.

The Evoque is running well and still returning in the early 30-mpg’s for fuel. On long runs it gets into the higher 30’s but rarely more than that.

It has developed a fault with the passenger front door though, which creaks painfully as you open and close it. Looking closer, it looks like the centre bracket has become a bit loose. The car still needs new tyres and brakes from the service recommendations, so I’ve booked it in today. The list is as follows:

  • New tyres (front) Continental.
  • New brake pads (rear).
  • Fix the creaking.
  • Look at the squeaky boot.

Booked in for next Wednesday, courtesy car reserved.

Also interestingly, Wakefield Land Rover has stated they price match against tyre quotes. I’ve given them the quote I’ve had, so will see if they come good on their promise.