Evoque Blog: Evoque Clean!

Our Evoque is regularly treated to a £5 hand wash special at the local petrol station, but the inside is only ever cleaned out occasionally. It was beginning to look a little too ‘lived in’, so I put a call in to Tony Spears who owns Autoshine specialist detailing. He has worked on my cars in the past. As the Evoque is only 2 years old, and a daily workhorse I didn’t want the full detailing package, but just a spruce up inside and outside. Tony completed the work in the day and our little red off-roader is now fully polished and protected with the inside looking good as new.

Particular note is the cup holders, which seem to attract all kinds of micro dirt, and they looked positively sparkling again. Here are a few pictures (apologies they aren’t great quality, these are iPhone snaps as I didn’t have my camera on me):

A couple of days later it was covered in grass on the inside again, after my good lady wife did a sponsored charity ‘muddy run’ across a large field on a particularly wet day. Armed with passengers that day too, it is now due another clean, which I’ll sort with the Dyson over the next few days. It won’t be as good as Tony’s efforts, but at least it’ll be nice again. 🙂

If you need yours either valeting or full detail restoration, give Tony a call. www.autoshinespecialistvaleting.co.uk



The Evoque is still going great guns so far, with no issues to report. Perhaps a minor point is the boot squeaks a bit when you close it, which I assume is the hydraulic ram jobbies. I’ll get that looked at next service as it isn’t a big thing.

I’ve also noticed that the newer Evoques all have the Land Rover badge jutting out of the centre grill. Personally, I think it looks a bit naff as it isn’t flush with the grill. Thankfully mine is an older model and doesn’t have this cosmetic feature but retains the original cleaner look. 🙂