Evoque Blog: Broken lock and a flat tyre

Door locks.

In recent weeks, the drivers door has developed a fault, in that when unlocked from the keyfob it only partially unlocks the door, with the locking mechanism on the inside only moving slightly. So to allow the door to actually open, you have to pull the lock from the inside.

I called the Land Rover Wakefield and from my description believe they know what the issue is. I just need to get it booked in, looking at about £150-250 to fix it. Ouch. We are three and a half years into ownership, the car has done just over 40,000 miles now, so I guess we’ll be starting to see just how hard-wearing these new Land Rover cars really are.

Evoque Flat Tyre

Evoque Flat Tyre

Flat Tyre.

Upon arriving at work, I noticed that the front drivers-side tyre wasn’t looking its optimum. I went back a few hours later to find the tyre as flat as a pancake. Not wanting to use the tyre-weld, which turns your tyre into a one-time use only and therefore an expensive repair, I borrowed an electric pump from a colleague, restored the tyre to good state of pressure and drove the car immediately up to a local, recomended tyre repair shop. They were very efficient too; fifteen minutes later and £10 lighter, my car was good as new. Happy days!