Event: UltraCon 2015

Another year, delving into the world of make believe with a mixture of replica cars from famous TV shows and films, and costumers dressed as famous characters. This is the evolution of the original Knight Con gatherings, which started five or six years ago as a Knight Rider event in the UK.

This has grown over the years and become a full scale event, with a lot of displays, traders, characters and cars, this year at Magna in Rotherham. Disappointingly only one Knight Rider replica was on display, providing the only source of reference to the events roots. Perhaps interest is waning on the 80’s cars? Certainly the icon of The Hoff and his talking car seemed to be lost on the next generation as they passed by the display stands – excited parents trying to explain the significance of what is now a very old car! Nonchalant, the reaction was far greater to the commanding display of Transformers movie replica cars – including the Optimus Prime truck. The road-legal bat mobile was pretty jaw dropping, as was the guy dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster; the makeup and masks were really eerie.

Overall, it was a great event. The only spoiler was the traffic problems when leaving the event, which was a total nightmare, caused in part by roadworks on the entrance road to the event, and then exasperated by a subsequent lack of contingency planning by the venue. A secondary exit was eventually opened up, but it was far too late and very poorly communicated. A shame, as this was the final memory for many people as they left what was otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable event.

Roll on the next one! 🙂