Event: Scotland Road Rally


On the bank holiday weekend, 28th August 2011, Supercar Driver took its members and their fleet of very special sports cars, supercars and hypercars on a fantastic Roady Rally experiernce.

An early start, the arrival time at the Wakefield meet point is at 7.30am and traditionally, I’m running fashionably late. Still, the motorways are clear so I’m able to make up time without the stop/start of a traditional week-day M1 morning queue.

Stickering up the 911!

Stickering up the 911!

Arriving a little after 7.45am and I’m one of the last ones to arrive, with a number of cars already parked and much morning conversation is being had. Grant is here from GPA signs, busy stickering up the cars who didn’t get chance to have their livery applied last weekend. It’s a bit of fun and generates camaraderie amongst friends.

Jonty has gone to town on his F355, with oversized Ferrari badges, the SCD logo and giant Italian stripes spanning the length of the car. This customisation is catching too, as Paul momentarily arrives in his silver 360 Spider – also complete with new stripes, and freshly painted wheels!

With my car stickered up with the brand logo, it’s time to hit the road. The weather is very hit and miss today. Some of the convertible owners chance some topless action, whereas most keep their hoods up. A good thing too because just as we peel off from the M62, the heavens open and it buckets it down.

A few cars pull in at the next services to put their roof up and now the only car with the roof left down is an Audi RS4 cab, owned by Rupert. Speaking to him later, he valiantly assures us that the rain didn’t get him and that most of it went over rather than into the cabin. Impressive those Audi’s, faster than even the rain!

Next stop, Forton Services, where we will rendezvous with the Manchester folks.

This is my first time at these services and first impressions are that this is a small service station. No matter, the whole place seems to be in freeze-frame anyway as onlookers gaze as supercar after supercar pull up one by one – and then try to squeeze into the tiny parking spaces. A VW golf parks up next to my 911 and decides that all of his occupants will dutifully exit via the opposite door. Thank you to that man.

We arrive at exactly the same time as the Manchester convoy, meaning that a stream of cars snakes in from the slip road. Ferrari’s, TVRs, more Porsches a sprinkling of R8’s and a delightful-sounding Maserati 4200.

Time for a coffee. A quick check that the road within the car park is now clear and I do a double-take as a Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead majestically glides down the narrow service road, looking in vain for a space big enough to cope with a car of this size. Its road presence is absolutely mind blowing and, putting my jaw back into place I glance behind it to see the bright orange detail of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sports following in behind. The Phantom ushers past almost silently, the Bugatti with its near tick-over rumble as it finds a parking space and reverses in. This is going to be a great trip!

With food and conversation now finished it’s time to hit the road. Unfortunately I can’t be a part of the entire weekend, but enjoy the convoy for the first few miles on the motorway, before turning back for the long journey home. Regardless, it’s been great fun catching up with old friends and doubtless they will have a fantastic time in Scotland!