Event: Jaguar F-Type Test Drive Event

Blue Jaguar F-Type Coupe

Blue Jaguar F-Type Coupe

During the cold winter months, petrol-heads amongst us still like to get out and about to experience all things automotive.

February was no exception and I was invited as part of the Supercar Driver club to test-drive the newest all-new range in the Jaguar lineup – the F-Type.

Rybrook Chester had lined up an array of different models, from the base V6 to the supercharged V8. Also on display was one of the first F-Type Coupe models in the UK, which had been delivered especially for our visit so we could get up close with this brand new model.

All of us who were present on the day got to experience at least one of the Jaguars. I chose the V6 S model – the middle of the range option.

The car itself is quite large, but retains that compact-roadster feel. Inside you sit nice and snug with dials and switchgear borrowed from the latest range of Jaguars and Range Rovers. No bad thing, its a nice place to be.

As you start the engine, the centre air vents rise up from inside the dash – a nice touch! Out on the open road these cars are still a rare sight and turns heads a-plenty! The engine and exhaust work in tandem to deliver an intoxicating soundtrack making the tempation to floor it and hear more very hard to resist. With the sports exhaust enabled it really sounds fantastic with a deep, purposeful roar and plenty of grunt to get you up to silly speeds in double-quick time.

The car handles well too. It can be made to break its composure quite easily, but it is always controlled and the car gets back in line as soon as you start behaving yourself again.

Rybrook were great hosts, even putting on breakfast for us. Overall, a fantastic experience of a wonderful new supercar.