Cayman Diaries: Professional Detail and Paint Correction

The Cayman has finally had its bath! I took the car to Tony Spears of Autoshine in Wakefield, who specialise in full detail valets and paint correction.

After 18 months I decided it was due a good pampering and so off it went for a weekend of TLC.

Tony gave the car the full treatment. When the car went in, there were a number of items which I drew his attention to in particular:

1) The swirl marks which had appeared after 18 months of washing. I wanted it like new again.
2) The rear bumper had stained up to the spoiler with black dirt. I thought this might have been trapped dirt between the paint and the polish, if I hadn’t cleaned it thoroughly enough before polishing last year.
3) The leather (as mentioned in my previous post) had become scratched on the side bolsters. Could anything be done to mask and restore this?

I left the car on a glorious Saturday for Tony to do his bidding and collected Sunday afternoon.

On collection, the car was outside in the sunshine and looking spectacular. All of the swirl marks had gone and the paintwork was shining bright red once again! The wheels looked immaculate and the carpets and trim faultless.

Spearsy attributed the stains on the rear bumper to be likely from the exhaust and took a great deal of effort to remove. But remove he did and it looks brand new. As does the exhaust pipe, which was looking rather black.

The leather bolsters had also been re-dyed which had significantly lessoned the scratched look, almost to the point where they are unnoticeable. Unfortunately, the seats are coloured in Porsche’s own interpretation of ‘black’, so the dye is slightly darker than the seat which is currently noticeable. Tony suggested this will likely fade over the short term as it’s the area which gets the most wear. But I left with an assurance that if it doesn’t, to bring the car back and he will blend it fully into the seat to make it unnoticeable. 🙂

The interior now smells fresh and clean and looks lovely. The leather seats were properly cleaned and have returned to their firm to sit, yet supple to touch feel which is great.

So… with thoughts of fantastic photo opportunities (via a short shopping trip to Leeds) my lady and I departed.

And then 4 minutes (yes, 4 minutes) later the heavens opened. They really opened. The Lord was having a full-on sprinkler sesh and it was all aimed at my car. Shortly afterwards, the ice maiden got involved in the histrionics of this unfortunate turn of weather events and decreed that hail stones would now be the choice weapon of the gods.

With a scowl on my face like a shrivelled up walnut, we powered down a soaking wet motorway into the city. As my girlfriend wandered up and down the isles in the shop, all I could do was stare out of the exit window at my newly shiny motor being seriously beaten by torrential downpours courtesy of Mother Natures own hand. Payback for all that C02 I imagine. Gutted!

Cayman After Detailing - in the rain!

Cayman After Detailing - in the rain!

“Don’t worry about it” came the comforting attempts of my good lady. “Its now well polished, the rain isn’t even sticking to it”. She had a point. As we were driving along, watching all the tiny beads of water bouncing and sliding off the paintwork like ants on a windy ice rink was very satisfying. Spearsy done good.

Arriving home, I parked it up in the garage and a call to Tony was now in order to ascertain how to clean it without reappointing my own mark of swirls again. “Use a soft cloth to wipe off the rain, ideally a micro fibre” was the answer.

So, back at the garage and assessed the impact. It was positively filthy. Huge mud marks all down the lower end of the car. I gingerly tried to remove these marks which were now in the process of drying. Amazingly, all the dirt seemed to just fall off the newly polished paintwork. No scratches, no marks, just a very gentle wipe over and it was looking great again. And then the sun came out!

Time for some photos. Bar

Cayman Detail 13

Cayman Detail

e in mind that these are taken in the late afternoon, after the aforementioned weather incident and the pics then shrunk to be web-friendly. So the quality isn’t great but it looks so very clean!

I’m hoping Tony took some photos whilst it was in his possession, which I’ll dutifully add to here if he has any.

 So, in short- £250 well spent. The car really does look and smell like new, inside and out. Even those annoying bits that get all kinds of crap in them were nicely cleaned (see my piccy of boot releases – previously full of crumbs and other bits, but now clean. Looking in the side mirrors when driving along is great. As the suns rays move across the paintwork, it looks like a water ripple moving over the arches.

When I entered the garage the next day the whole room smelt of fresh polish! Awesome, my car has a fragrance! eau-de-Cayman.

A detail like this is highly recommended if you want to return your car to sparkly as-new showroom condition.  I’ll be back to see him in the next few weeks for my chat on how to clean it properly before I steam in again with my sponge.

Cayman Detail - Looking red!

Cayman Detail - Looking red!


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