Cayenne Report: Window and Hatch Opening Problems

I was driving the Cayenne last week taking a colleague to the site where my upcoming charity event is being held (Meadowhall, Sheffield – on the 13th May if you are interested! Details here). He pressed the button to wind down his window, but rather than rolling down smoothly, it sort of stuttered and flopped half way down and then refused to go back up. With a bit of persuasion we did manage to close it but since then every now and again the window will drop an inch or two of its own accord. The window button has zero effect.

Time to call John at Porsche Euro.

John suggested it would be the window regulator as these wear out and rust over time, resulting in the issue I was describing. Unfortunately its a Porsche-only part so I took a deep breath whilst he priced one up for me. In addition to that, the rear-window hatch opening has been intermittent lately, it felt like the switch was only doing its job on a part-time basis, so John ordered a new switch to be fitted at the same time.

Fast forward to today and both parts have been fixed and fitted and everything is working marvellously once again! John showed me the old window regulator (I should have taken a picture, but I forgot) and the cables and connections were completely rusted.

Total cost to fix both issues was £330. Not a cheap fix then, but one that needed doing and I am still really enjoying this car so worth it to keep the car in good shape for a while yet.