Cayenne Report: Things I Don’t Like…

Things I don’t like about the Cayenne

Given my reports are generally filled with glory and happiness at the value-for-money proposition that the Cayenne now presents to the modern world, I thought I’d balance it with things which could have done with some more R&D. These are small things, but irksome nonetheless.
  1. The Boot. On all of the Cayennes that I looked at, the boot only raises up by about 85% of its allowed height. If you want it up at maximum level, you need to give it an extra push up with your hand. Now, that might not sound such a big deal, but the amount of times both me and the wife have doinked the ol’ noggin on the top of the flippin’ thing when getting the shopping out is embarrassingly more than I’d like to count. Silly design.
  2. The AirCon. This blows icey cold upon request – and it really is cold. Great. However, no matter what I try, I can’t seem to get it to cool the air around the car. It is either freezing my t*ts off (literally), blowing a gale in my face, or the car just stays warm. Its as though the only way to make it feel cold is to blow it right at you. No matter where I swing the vents, its either offering zero effect, or chilling you to the core. I wonder if this is simply due to the size of the car and that it can’t push enough air about the place to make the whole environment feel cool?
That’s about it really. Everything else is more ‘what you see is what you get’.
In other news… Service Time.
Again. Blimey. That’s come around quickly. I thought that the servicing was every 20,000 miles as per the handbook. John at Porsche Euro told me otherwise and that they require an oil change at the 10,000 interim, but I just hoped he was misinformed. Of course he wasn’t misinformed, its what he does for a living! Anyhow, the computer is telling me that I’ve got a thousand miles left before its time for a check-up at the 111,000 miles mark. I’ll keep you informed.
Average miles per gallon by the way is around 22mpg on a long run, and about 18-20mpg on local runabouts. This is pretty consistent over the duration, if anyone is wondering.