Cayenne Report: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

6,000 miles and 6 months on the Cayenne has been our chunky trooper. The time has certainly flown by and so far, overall, so good. Here is a reflection on our time with the Cayenne, along with some recent updates:

The Good.
I have a new spare-key! Hurrah! Porsche Euro ordered the key for me and it arrived a few weeks later. Not cheap at a few hundred quid, but I decided it was a price worth paying should my only key suddenly develop a fault. Whilst John was coding the key, I mentioned to him the flickering lights and the fact the car seems to rock itself when stood idle. A quick check with his expert eye and a confident declaration that the alternator was knackered. A new one from Porsche was an eye watering £800, with a pattern part coming in at £400ish for the parts only. However, John had a third solution: “I can have the existing part refurbished for much cheaper”. Let’s do that then! A week later, and a full on door-to-door collection and return service of my car within the day and John had fixed all of these problems with the refurb of the alternator. The cost? £220. Superb value!! I’d highly recommend Porsche Euro.

In other news, everything else is working fine so far, and the interior is holding up well. Very relaxing to drive. I love it. The Mrs would still like a Discovery Sport though…

The Bad.
MPG? Christ. It drinks the stuff! DRINKS it, I say. I think it sniffs petrol even when turned off.

I’ve also got a puncture. I need to get that fixed.

The stench of smoke is still making an appearance too, despite the big valet that I had done a few months ago. I purchased a bottle of AutoGlym odour eliminator to try and that seems to be really good. I suspect the headlining is the main issue, but a good squirt every week or so and it seems to be sorting it. It’s certainly nowhere near as bad as when I bought the car.

I think I do want cruise control; it is something I am really missing on the monthly 160 mile round-trip. That’s probably the only thing that’s missing really from the actual driving experience.

The stereo is a strange one. It sounds absolutely fine, and it is incredibly bass-y if you want to crank up the choons. However, it lacks the clarity of the Bose system from my Cayman, and definitely much worse than the Meridian system in the Evoque. It’s not unpleasant by any stretch, it just sounds a bit ‘dull’ on high volume. But I’m being picky. And I don’t listen to loud music very often either.

The Ugly.

Cayenne Scratch

Cayenne Scratch

Oops. My own stupid fault. I decided I wanted to see if I could get the Cayenne into a single width garage by myself without anyone watching. Heading nose-first was a no-no, impossible to see around the sides of the car, so I reversed in instead. All was going well until I got the front wings, when I heard a crunch. I thought this was merely the wheels landing on the drain grates in front of the garage, but as I continued back, the ongoing crunching suggested otherwise. I looked out of the window to see the wing attached to the bricks. Fek!! Next job: Chipsaway.