Cayenne Report: Smelling Good.

Today the Cayenne has had its interior bath. Performed by Oli from OJB AutoCare, who also does home visits, he gave the car a full interior clean, including shampooing the headlining and all of the hard plastic interiors, cleaning the leather and shampoo/vacuum of the carpeted areas. He also let off a disinfectant canister in the car, which works its way into the air conditioning and vents to deodorise the smoke smell.

It now smells of a combination of disinfectant, lemon and floral, whilst the former works its magic over the next few days. After that, we should have a neutral smelling car. Hurrah! If not, Oli asked me to let him know and he’ll order another canister. Smoke smells are the worst apparently, as the stench gets into everything and can be difficult to remove. But fingers crossed this has done the job.

Either way, it certainly smells fresh and looks great. Oli treated it to a nice wash on the exterior too. Awesome!