Cayenne Report: Service Time


The Cayenne has been in for its first service under my stewardship today and so far things are looking pretty rosy. John from Porsche Euro gave the car a good once over for me. He put the car on the ramps and checked underneath, noting that a number of common fault parts had been replaced recently (clamps and pipes and suchlike) which gave me more confidence that this car has been well looked after. John also advised that little tends to go wrong with the 3.2’s and that it looks like I’ve got a pretty good car. Happy days!

Service, new windscreen wipers and new brake fluid all completed. The service light is out, the car seems to be a good ‘un and so here is my full to-do list:

  • Side Steps. My little lady can’t quite get into this car on her own, try as she might her little legs just can’t reach yet. So some steps will give her a helping hand. John has kindly offered to trawl the interweb to find me some good ones.
  • Duff parking sensors. Nothing came up on the car’s computer when read, so this is believed to be a dying, rather than dead sensor. One for me to keep an eye on. It could just be shedloads of dirt I guess!
  • Pulsing lights. John advised this is either the battery or the alternator and I’ve got some homework to do, to test the battery first.
  • Blacked out rear windows. Local place with a good reputation will be taking care of this for me for £160. More on this in a future update.
  • Retrofit of cruise control. Possibly.
  • Update of sat nav discs. I’m running the very old pre-traffic disks, so would like to update the unit to the latest and greatest.
  • SIM card for the Phone unit. This arrived today, and so I now have a working telephone for the occasional times that I might need it. Happy days.
  • Some CDs. I need some of my choons in there, sharpish.
  • A Porsche badge for the rear. Cringe. But wifey loves them. Happy wife, happy life.
  • Certificate of Authenticity. I’ll get this from PCGB.

Personalised reg. We like those.

Options list.

I’ve found a website which lists all of the option codes () and nothing much to report really:

  • Full leather, electric seats
  • Sat nav with phone
  • 19” Wheels with colour crests.
  • Aluminium exterior trim
  • Prep for roof rack, black
  • Standard aircon.

So there we go! It suggests these are pretty well equipped as standard it would seem.

More updates soon!