Cayenne Report: Service Time [again]

Well, it came around faster than I’d hoped or expected, but with the surprise extra of a 10,000 mile service required on a V6 Cayenne, it was back to Porsche Euro in Barnsley to have it sorted out. I’ve also recently had a headlight bulb blow (it tells you on the dashboard, which is helpful), so John kindly sorted that out for me too. Just shy of 120 notes later, and my car was serviced, oil changed and service book stamped. Happy days.

On the way to the service, there was a huge ‘thud’ on the roof as I travelled on the country lanes to Porsche Euro and it didn’t half make me jump. Nothing untoward with the car, so I presumed something had fallen on the roof from a tree above. A check at Johns place and it proved true – I’ve now got a dent in my roof.  . Not best pleased, but rather that than being my head in a convertible! Blimey.

Light Blown. Again.
Well, isn’t that typical. After John replaced my headlight bulb last week, the bloomin’ sidelight has blown on the same side tonight. I was tempted to have them all replaced at the time, as I find lights have a habit of all blowing in quick succession together but I didn’t bother. I watched John replace it though, and its a similar fare to 986 Boxsters, where you have to remove the headlight to replace. So I’ll have a go. Watch this space.

I am still extremely happy with the Cayenne, which for a car enthusiast who is always on the hunt for the next thing, gives me mixed emotions of elation that I don’t need to spend more money to satisfy a craving, but frustration that I’m not actively keeping up with the Jones’. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with a car before. Sure, its pretty old hat now, the external body (a shape that I do like), whilst pretty much immaculate (aside from my previous scrape driving it into the garage, which I still need to have repaired) is showing its age in design when parked next to newer cars and the tech inside definitely looks last-decade.  So that’s not cool to impress the neighbours, if you are bothered about such things. But, as I eased my 39 year old buttocks out of a sumptuous cream heated-and-cooled massage leather driving seat of an utterly wonderful, nearly new £90,000 Bentley (more on that in a future update), and plonked them back into my seven grand Porsche, I was surprised to find that getting back in the Porsche was not the come-down you’d expect. It was like putting on your favourite pair of jeans. No matter how luxurious the new pair, those old ones fit like a glove and are still as comfortable as anything new. The engine note is lovely on the Porker too. And whilst a new Cayenne (2009 on) undoubtedly offers more luxury, more refinement, space and comfort, I’m not convinced that it could really provide me £20,000 worth of extra happiness. As a guy who always wants to own the next-thing (keeps me working hard), this isn’t positive-bias talking, I’m simply yet to find something that’s actually worth the extra to change.

And that, in summary, suggests to me that these cars really are an absolute steal.

Happy motoring folks!