Cayenne Report – Service Time

The annual service is due again on the Cayenne after ten thousand relatively pain free miles this year. This has been completed by Porsche Euro specialists in Barnsley, my regular technicians who have worked on most of my cars throughout the years of my Porsche ownership.

This time around it was a major service and it was also due new spark plugs, a new wiper blade, a side light had blown a few days ago so this was also replaced and the brake fluid was changed too. Another recent niggle was that the glovebox would only close with a dramatic shove, rather than a gentle tap. John at Porsche Euro informed that the latch is adjustable and it has probably become misaligned. A few minutes of Johns spannering later and I was back to the gentle-joy of glovebox closure. Marvellous!

Service was all completed whilst I sat in their warm office, working on my laptop with a dose of free Wi-Fi. The Cayenne was given a good once-over and signed off a clean bill of health with no advisories. Brakes and tyres are all looking fine which is great to hear, so here is to another 12 months of happy motoring!

Two years on – cost reflection

We will have owned the Cayenne for two years from next month and as we enter our third year of this ownership experience I thought I’d reflect on the journey so far and the costs of running a ‘luxury SUV’. Overall, I am still immensely impressed at the value for money proposition that a now twelve year old 121,000 mile car can offer. So without further ado here is the costs of running the Cayenne over just short of 24 months:

The car was due a service when I bought it which started things off:

  • Minor service, wiper blades and brake fluid: £254
  • Number plates for my personal registration: £20
  • Valet to get rid of the smoke smell (can’t remember the cost, lets say £80)
  • New key fob (it only came with one and I wanted two): £239
  • Alternator refurb and refit: £216
  • 4x budget tyres (Top-notch stuff isn’t really required for our use): £350
  • Annual / Oil Change service: £118
  • MOT: £88
  • Window Regulator and new rear glass micro switch: £330
  • Major service including spark plugs and brake fluid, plus a new rear wiper blade and front side light bulb: £394
  • TWO YEAR MAINTAINENCE TOTAL (not including insurance or tax): 2089

Depreciation: I believe the car is worth approximately £5-6k as it stands, which puts depreciation at its worst at £2k, best £1k over 24 months.

  • Worst Case (including depreciation) overall TOTAL: £4089 (£170 per month)
  • Best Case (including depreciation) overall TOTAL: 3089 (£128 per month)

I’ve said it before and I’m really happy with this car so far. It hasn’t given me too much grief, particularly notable given its age. It still seems to turn heads and attract admiring glances (either that or its one of repulsion, but I like to think it isn’t that!). It is wearing exceptionally well inside which is good for us as we use the car for all every day duties, be that road trip journeys on holiday packed full of luggage, regular commutes, trips to the local tip and everything in between. Sweets, papers, sticky lollipops and drinks bottle often end up left in the car but a quick clean up with Autoglym and it looks pretty much as good as new.

I also like the satnav in this car. It’s missing full postcode searching so it takes a bit of time to get it ready and make sure you are going to end up on the correct street, but once up and running I find its pretty good. It knows about all the major traffic problems and will divert accordingly and has saved me a big queue on several occasions.

The only comfort options that I miss on this car are heated seats and cruise control. I could have the latter retrofitted, but its only perhaps once per month when I’m on a particular journey where it would have been handy. Heated seats in the winter on that cold leather however would have been nice. But, for my purchase price of just seven grand, I’m not complaining.

Running up the total has made me quite happy at the cost of this car. Its a big luxo tank, with what I consider acceptable running costs. But it looks perhaps more expensive than it really is and for some reason the market doesn’t really like them. This hits the value and therefore makes them a fantastic used buy.

Tomorrow I’ll give the car a good interior valet and then take it for a bath at our local car wash to finish off the year with a sparkle. Merry Christmas!