Cayenne Report: Sat Nav Update

I looked into updating my Nav a while ago but was told that I’d need a software update from Level A on the PCM to Level C, which would then accept the new maps, which sounded too much like hard work as it would require time at the OPC. I didn’t want new maps that much.

However, a chance encounter a recent car event and I got talking to a chap who was very knowledgeable on the subject – and he had the discs to perform the update.

And so the update was done! I had to put Level B disk in the head unit, then C into the Nav unit, and finally my new Map DVD into in the navigation drive. Voila! I am now up to 2015 maps. This is great, it now knows about various motorway link roads which weren’t around in 2005, and also recognises that my street is finished!

It brings additional extras too, such as the traffic reports and auto-diversion for major issues – something which I had on my previous 911 and it was very useful. It also has improved display on junctions, the nav will zoom in on a ‘target’ showing when you need to take action. It’s a small, but useful improvement over the standard nav of 2005.

No postcode search still – and that will probably never change, but at least it now knows the majority of street names.
All in all, it gives me the confidence back in the product and that I can now put my google maps away on the phone and be relatively sure that the nav will take me the best way home possible. Don’t get me wrong, it is still not as good as the Google Maps that you may have on the phone, the PCM simply doesn’t know about every minor delay (I still don’t know just how google knows about these so precisely, very clever tech!) and therefore isn’t as intuitive for the best way home all of the time – but it will avoid any major delays during travel.

The only thing (aside from postcodes) that is really missing now from the PCM is Bluetooth for the phone. Integration is possible via Dension and similar adapters, but it really isn’t worth the expense. There are also aftermarket stereo systems available which look very similar to the Cayenne Gen2 model PCM. These systems are bang up to date with tech, but for what I use it for, I think I’ll stick with my stock system and its updated maps.