Cayenne Report: New Ditchfinders

I have somehow ended up with a slow puncture on one of the rear tyres, which was halving its pressure every few weeks. A repair was needed and so I took it to my local ATS. They do a standard check across all wheels and noticed that the tyre on the opposite side of the axel had hit the replacement wear markers. I always replace my tyres in pairs, and so there was little point in continuing with a puncture repair. Instead I asked for a price to replace the tyres, requesting the budget variety as this car doesn’t do any extreme sports – be that seat-of-your-pants driving, or cliff mountaineering.

The tyre fitter came back a few minutes later with a price on the Simita tyres that I also have on the front, at a very reasonable £89 each. Ever the bargain hunter, I checked Black Circles who were similar in price for a set of budget tyres and so I elected to book directly with ATS for the Simita models.

The next day, they had arrived and were fitted. I’m a few hundred quid lighter in the wallet, but I knew I’d have to replace these, this year, when I bought the car anyway.

Onward for more happy days of motoring in the Cayenne beastie!