Cayenne Report: It talks!

I’m sure the car is trying to communicate with me in Morse Code. The amount of beeps this car makes is quite astonishing. I have tried to decipher these for the benefit of all those good readers out there. Note that all of these are ‘beeps’, I’ve tried to spell the beep sound so you can hear it in your own head! 🙂

  • beep-beep-beep : Parking Sensors active.
  • BEEEEEP : Parking Sensors say you are about to hit something.
  • BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP: Parking Sensors have gone faulty.
  • boop-boop-boop: You have a text message.
  • ANGRY BEEEEEEEEEEP: You have left the door or boot open.
  • High pitched short-Beep: You are running low on fuel.
  • Bong-bong-bong – You’ve left the lights on.
  • blong-blong-blong – You’ve left the door open.

Long Journey

Yesterday was the first long trip for the Cayenne, with 140 miles covered in a day. It handled the trip flawlessly and was remarkably comfortable. Usually when I return home, the continual motorway trudge leaves me with ringing in my ears – even in the Evoque. But not so in the Cayenne, I arrived home as fresh as a daisy. Whoop!

The To-Do List Update

  • Side Steps. Still to buy.
  • Duff parking sensors. One for me to keep an eye on as they are still intermittent!
  • Pulsing lights. Still not tested this properly.
  • Blacked out rear windows. Not Done.
  • Retrofit of cruise control. Possibly.
  • Update of sat nav discs. Not Done. I tried to get an update disc from the t’internet, but am told I need the dealer to do a software update first. Hmmm, sounds expensive.
  • SIM card for the Phone unit. COMPLETE. PAYG SIM card now in the car and working fine. No mute button though arrrghhh!! Useless for conferences!
  • Some CDs. COMPLETE
  • A Porsche badge for the rear. Not Done.
  • Certificate of Authenticity. I’ll get this from PCGB. On Order
  • Spare Key. On Order
  • A good interior clean. Booked in!