Cayenne Report: It Likes A Drink

Goodness me! I was expecting it to be thirsty and I knew the MPG figures going in but didn’t realise just how much we’d be visiting the pumps.

Yesterday our remaining range showed circa 90 miles. Following a nice valentines lunch two miles away, upon start-up it dropped to 60 and the light came on. One mile later and it was 55 miles and beeping at me for fuel. :wacko: But not too bad as it looked like just-under-a-quarter of a tank left. Aah the deception, as a trip to the local petrol station reduced my balance by another eighty quid. Eighty pounds in one week. Holy cr*p.

That visit was laughable disbelief, but I can see that turning into life-art of “Grown Man Sobbing at the Pumps” if it keeps it up.


I wrote down the initial mileage and promptly lost the ticket like the buffoon that I am, but I think I have completed just over 300 miles to a tank. This works out at a juicy 18mpg. If I’ve got the numbers wrong, its had +100 miles to the tank which increases it to around 22mpg. Regrettably, I think it is the former.

My petrol station owner is called Anthony. Yep, I’ll be getting to know him much better in the coming months…